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Threads of Time is the name for Jane Pasquill's art studio.

Its been two years in the making, since moving to Hereford from Cornwall. Come and join us this weekend to celebrate the launch of Janes's new studio.

29th of September 2019 11am - 4pm

Jane combines a spiritual understanding of colour with sacred geometry and the practical application manifesting from the use of various textiles coloured in the studio. The studio in Hereford specialises in creating 'Mandalas' as a wall hanging capturing 'Threads of Time'. The Mandala is understood to be a spiritual tool and is an archetype(blueprint); a primordial mental image inherited by all from both the Eastern and Western traditions in an art form.

The Textile Wall Hangings are a unique way to present the image of reality portraying the primary energy patterning of geometric form. The texture and colour of the fabrics used in the wall hangings have a great synergy and maximize the impact of the geometry. The 'SRI YANTRA' is a recognisable symbolic Mandala regularly used in Jane's artwork.



New Wall Hangings - A new generation of textile Sri Yantras measuring 30" sq.
To order a Wall Hanging Sri please contact the Studio 550.00

Also available - A silk velvet shawl measuring 48" sq selling for 150.00 Coloured to your requirements please call the Studio

Contact Jane Pasquill to commission a wall hanging or discuss work available in the studio.
The size of the Mandala Wall Hanging will be created specifically for its placement in the room