Jane Pasquill
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‘The artist in me would emerge at some point in my life because it was inside of me and in my heart.'

A lifetime of working with fabrics has led to my diverse work presented at ‘The Threads of Time' studio, all work is unique to Jane Pasquill.

This web site explains a tiny amount about the work established by Jane...

Life is full of delightful surprises and our move to North Cornwall has been the major step to finding myself. My second lifetime truly started as we prepared for retirement, and what a ridiculous attitude!...which I came to understand very quickly in the tranquil setting of our new home.

I started a new life, and the very work I have been aspiring to all these years. A journey from working in London , moving to America and working and living in Connecticut , then California , returning to a changed London or in reality a changed me!

In the peace of the countryside the Mandala's inside of me emerged. We all dance in this Universe and I learnt to dance myself. Consequently an artform emerged applying the laws of the Universe presenting geometry and the power of colour in a fabric format. The language of life is displayed in a fabulous tactile medium of the richness of a tapestry which provides a means to convey harmony and peace for the viewer.

Symbols and geometric shapes were known as a secret language for mankind, many of us have been opening the door to this inherent knowledge because it is our heritage and our divine right of passage. Jane has specialised in creating Mandala's which are known as spiritual archetypes from both Eastern and Western traditions in art form. Mandalas have been handed down through the centuries as a way to heal our energetic structure, each has a uniquely transformative energy which we do recognise even if it is an unconscious act. Jane's work is a new art form to present our reality of primary energy patterns and patterning of basic geometric universal metaphysical knowledge in a textile medium, a language the scientists are now acknowledging as they discover the truth just as Jane's work has exposed the truth of her world.